Note on the stories

I came up with a fun concept about two best friends who are curious about BDSM and decide to try it with each other. People do shit like this, they experiment, they come up with ideas and just see what happens. I am in no way trying to fully explore the BDSM lifestyle in these shorts or trying to represent it the “right” way.

As if there is a right way. It’s not like there’s a fucking BDSM school we get certified from that then allows us to talk about it, write about it, do it…

I had a reviewer say I should learn about the lifestyle before writing about it because it is more than about getting off. Yes, well, to you I say I do know about the lifestyle and more to the point…this is FICTION. A story. You seem to forget that. Check yourself. The presumption that I don’t know what I’m talking about…huh.

I can write what I want, and if it’s about two best friends who try BDSM their way then that’s what it’ll be. I could see this happening in real life. Maybe it did…

You must be a lifestyle BDSMer who thinks he/she knows the right way, the only way to explore this. To you I say fuck off. BDSM is not owned by anyone. First rule of BDSM. It is a part of sex and can be a lifestyle or just a thing people do occasionally.

So to those readers who are curious, be curious and try it out as fast or as slow as you like. With whomever you like. In whatever way feels good for you. And if it’s with your best friend for a trial period don’t let anyone tell you it’s “wrong” because there is no right or wrong way to explore sex and sexuality and all the gorgeous stuff in between. Jesus. This fucking world I tell you. Even getting off has become something to get offended by and for people to dictate as having specific rules.

Be you. Do you.

Just because my experience is different from yours and yours from theirs and his doesn’t mean it isn’t valid and a form of BDSM. It’s a wide-open approach to sex, yes sex, and it can be explored however we like, to whatever extent. Whether you do bondage, discipline, sadism or masochism or all three or a combination of, it’s open for interpretation — YOURS.

Bisou xoxox

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