About Bisou

Author Bisou DeVie writes sexy shorts that are to be devoured one nibble at a time with the hope of leaving you slightly breathless, if not a tiny bit turned on. Bisou is a pen name for the woman behind the mask, as it were, who is a publishing professional with over eighteen years in the business. These stories are written for her pleasure and enjoyment, ideas she wants to bring to life, and she hopes you enjoy them too.

Bisou has no plans to reveal who she is. Sometimes a little mystery in life is nice, what with everyone and everything being so available and open today. Let’s get back to when a writer wrote and nobody cared much about the who but rather the what. So you won’t find her on any type of social media. No need to add to the noise already out there. Bisou will write, you will read, and you need not go any further in your relationship together.

May you all find your bliss whatever that looks like, feels like, tastes like.

xoxoxo BD