Bisou’s Vault

What I do is write short, sexy, fun, one-handed reads that will help you escape for a bit. What I am *not* doing is providing you with a fully developed story that has proper character development (though there might be a little) and full-on plot.

Think of these stories as snippets from a character’s life, like watching an episode of  a television show. It’s not the whole damn show, every episode, all ten seasons, but simply one 45-minute episode. So you can imagine the type of character development you will have. You won’t know all of any character’s life based on one show, and that’s the same for Bisou’s characters (for the most part). You’ll get some things, but not the whole picture. And that’s okay. Think of it as stepping into a character’s life in one particular moment in time. That’s the snapshot you get.

I know how to write a “proper” book, but I’m not writing books as Bisou. I’m writing shorts…for now. When and if I do a full length novella or novel as Bisou, I promise you there will be tropes and development and all the things we look for …in a book.

These stories are priced cheaply, cheaper than that coffee in your hand. I appreciate your support so much, but do not ride my ass in reviews about these stories not being full enough or not having enough development. That is not the point so lighten up. There’s too much structure in life. Let me help you relax, so leave your expectations of what you think a story should be at the door. I say this with love, darlings.

I have fun writing these and you’ll have fun reading them. If you allow yourself too.

Bisou xoxoxo