Daphne and Jax Do BDSM

The first short n The Vault series (or novelette to be more exact for those who are sticklers about these things, and I see some of you are as based on your reviews lol).

What does it take to turn this good girl bad?

Daphne has never experienced the “spark” with a guy, maybe because most guys are so safe they couldn’t light a fire with a flamethrower. After her lukewarm date ditches her— on New Year’s Eve no less—Daphne’s best friend Jax saves her from another bath and glass of regret.

Jax has always kept a tight rein on his feelings for Daphne, not even sure what those feelings are, because he’s never dug deep enough to find out. Until a night out and a reckless kiss with her ignites his libido like never before. The best way to cut this thing off is to accept her offer: Two months. Two sets of handcuffs. And no limits.

Amazon.com link: amzn.to/2DLUYzY  

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